If you have been in the Internet business for some time now and can’t seem to get into full-throttle mode, perhaps it’s just a matter of time management. Would you like to know some valuable tips that can help you get that boost you need to let your business soar, without limits?

Or, you might be just getting started and would like to know how to push past the time restraints of varying tasks and hurdles.

If so, you have come to the right place. I started my affiliate marketing career over 10 years ago, and have learned some valuable lessons along the way. For me, I wanted a business that allowed for my wife Arlene and I to work together from home. By doing this, I knew that we could have the flexible lifestyle we were both craving.

However, we realized early on that it requires more than just a dream. I am going to share some great advice that I have been shown, as well as learned along the way.

1. Momentum - Make it Happen

A very wise mentor of mine often talked about momentum. He would use the analogy of a plane sitting on the end of a runway, waiting to take off to its destination. Inside the cockpit, the pilot has placed his hands on the throttle and waits for the tower to tell him it’s clear for takeoff.

Once he has the clearance, the hits the throttle full-on and you can feel the power of the engines as it races down the runway and ascends into the sky. At some point you feel the wings catching air as it pushes forward to a cruising altitude…with destination in mind.

However, if that pilot had lightened up on the throttle before the plane was ready to safely cruise, it would not have made it anywhere easily, and perhaps, nowhere at all.

When it comes to your dream, make sure to go full-out throttle until everything is in line for a great cruising pace. In other words, don’t loosen your grip before you reach your goals.

2. Organizing is Vital

One of the most important tips I can give anyone hoping for a successful affiliate marketing business is to get organized. Actually, this is important for any type of business to flourish.

In our affiliate marketing business, Arlene creates a comprehensive checklist for daily projects and tasks. She will then check it often to make sure it’s all getting done. You can create a great checklist, but if you don’t check it, then you just wasted time in creating it. And, you probably won’t accomplish nearly as much without it.

After she completes all her tasks of a project, or makes sure they are done, she then passes the information to me so that I can do my part.

I then turn to others for help.

3. Outsource Some of the Work

We have received a lot of benefit from outsourcing much of our work. If we have a project, we often post it on Elance to work with independent contractors. This helps significantly in the following areas:

  • Working on daily and repetitive tasks
  • Various contractors lead to more creativity
  • Keeping overhead cost down

For example, if we have built a PAD campaign, I will post a project for a writer to help with the articles. This frees up our time immensely to work on other areas of the business, so it continues to grow.

4. Google Docs to the Rescue

We discovered Google Documents a while back, and are grateful that we did. It’s a great place to create documents, store them, or share them with others. It’s an online tool, so it makes it easy to work with a team of writers and virtual assistants, without any extra steps.

For instance, if I share a PAD campaign with a writer, then they can easily access it from wherever they are. In fact, it allows for international collaboration.

5. Scheduling with Google Calendar

Google also has a wonderful online calendar, which helps you organize all your appointments and deadlines. The best part of this is that you no longer have to use the traditional daily or monthly day planners. If you work with those, you know they can get messy if you have to make changes, unlike Google Calendar.

It can also send a pop-up reminder, letting you know that an appointment or deadline is coming up. Arlene and I host a weekly podcast called the Affiliate Buzz. I use the reminder to pop-up about 10 minutes before going on, so that I can be better prepared mentally for the airing.

6. Organize with BaseCamp.com

BaseCamp.com is a project software program that we often use for posting and assigning projects to the contractors we work with for various tasks.

It can also assist you with keeping track of daily to-do-lists, right on the computer.

7. Affiliate Organizer

If you are looking to have one of the best organized affiliate marketing businesses around, then take a look at the Affiliate Organizer. It was developed by Jon Mills, who happens to be a former student. However, I am not promoting his product for that reason. I happen to use it EVERY day.

I am able to organize every aspect of my affiliate marketing business under one roof with this tool. Things like usernames, domain name registrars, software serial numbers, hosting companies, and passwords, are all just a click away. I has helped to keep me organized so I can focus more on production, rather than trying to find everything.

In Closing

Arlene and I recently took a break to not only get away, but to get away from distractions so we can focus on a very busy upcoming period. Sometimes you just need to do that, so you can gather all your wits and information and go into the ‘battle’ well-armed.

Being able to do this is something we both enjoy about our business, and the freedom and flexibility it gives us. During this trip we hunkered down and organized everything we needed to do, using many of the tools and techniques I just shared with you. It’s a great way to collapse the time frames and get your business soaring without the hurdles and time that can bog you down.


James and Arlene Martell got started in the affiliate marketing business, back in 1999. Through podcasts, speaking engagements, and the popular “Affiliate Marketers BootCamp”, they have helped many people get a jump start on their own Internet business. James also has spoken in several venues such as Digital River Lab and Commission Junction University. Residing in Vancouver, in a seaside community, James and Arlene’s dream of developing an Internet business allows for flexibility and enjoying time with their family.