In our current digital age, social media marketing is becoming an increasingly important aspect for any start-up company looking to promote their online presence. The most efficient way is through link building and being able to find related companies to your own to build and maintain relationships with. Although this task seems to be extremely daunting and intimidating, there are ways to ease the pain of sending countless emails and reading irrelevant blogs.

1) Use a Free Outreach Tool or Search Engine

With the rise in demand to make link building simpler, there are various tools that achieve the simplicity of searching for potential business clients and companies that you are specifically interested in. Tools such as Outreachr (currently free of charge for a single campaign) provide an easy template to work with to target specific contacts that relate to your business or company. Also, search engines such as Blekko or even the all powerful Google can be of substantial use in finding key sites that relate to your specific key words. 

2) Subject Title When Sending an Email

This is probably the most important aspect when trying to gain potential contacts. The content in your actual email is rendered useless if you don’t pass this checkpoint. So the question is, how do I create a subject title that will appeal to whom I’m trying to contact? Most subject titles either start with capitalized letters or a product pitch. Instead, show your potential contact that you are interested in them, not yourself. When you pitch your product, you are only interested in what you can gain out of it. So to gain an entry way into having your email considered, create a title that relates to them. 

3) Don’t Spam, Follow Up

Although it is constantly stressed in workshops and lectures on email etiquette to make your intentions formal and professional, don’t. Most bloggers and companies receive email pitches in the hundreds per day so the chances that yours is considered or even read are slim to none. Instead, personalize it, reflect in your email that you actually took the time to read your potential contact’s blog and/or research their company. Don’t just spam the same message to every contact you find. You’re better off sending 10 great emails then 100 mediocre ones. And it’s easy to send an email; it’s not so easy to respond to one. Following up your initial email can be rough when your potential contact begins to ask questions that you can’t answer. Make sure you know what you’re talking about, if you don’t, you either have someone in your office to help or an entire digital library at your disposal, use them.
Obviously, these 3 tips are not the golden key to successfully outreach, but it sure is a good way to start. To be honest, the best way to gain a large amount of successful relationships is through experience. Each blogger or company has their own views and ways of doing things. It’s up to you to find out the best method of approach.