The importance of digital marketing in this day and age cannot be underestimated. From SEO to social media and the value of video content, internet is at the forefront of many businesses marketing strategies. However, not all of us utilize the internet to its full capacity. In fact, very few of us actually do. What’s worse is that we think we know what we’re doing, whilst following internet marketing rules and practices that simply don’t work. Here are some digital marketing mistakes and errors businesses need to heed. 

Having Lots Of Social Media Followers Doesn’t Naturally Equate To Money

There is a myth that the more social media followers a business gets, the more money it’ll automatically make. Now social media followers do help the stature and visibility of a company, however, these have to be efficiently translated and converted into active customers. 
First and foremost, this is done through ensuring that the right followers and contacts are attracted and connected on social media platforms. Furthermore, these followers must then be engaged with to ensure that they are active and personal connections. 
The key to social media is relating and engaging with connections. For example, on Twitter you must Tweet content that interests and engages your target audience and consumers. 
By doing this you will effectively increase brand awareness through placing and keeping your business in consumers’ minds. 

Content Isn’t Always Everything

Now, it must be said that content is most definitely important and this should never be overlooked. However, content isn’t quite everything – not when it isn’t engaging, interesting and entertaining. I’ve seen plenty of web pages filled with images that attract much more human visitors than rival pages merely filled with boring written content and Google pick up on this – do not think that they don’t. 
Create written content by all means, but make sure that it is engaging, interesting and gripping. 

Video Content Is Relevant 

In terms of engaging human beings, video content can be just as important as words. Platforms such as YouTube are perfect for brand awareness. 
Create tutorials for matters related to your business and keep a company logo either in the corner of videos or at the beginning or end of them. Like social media, the key with videos is to engage consumers and create brand awareness. 
On that note, it can perhaps be said that the key to online marketing in general is precisely that. 

Do Not Underestimate Google+

Google+ may not have the same amount of active followers as the likes of Twitter and Facebook, however Google most actually value it and so a Google+ presence will boost your Google and online presence.

Impersonalised Outreaching

In order to effectively outreach in such a way that you’ll get results and reap reward, time and effort must be injected into the process. 
This essentially means ensuring all outreaching attempts are personal and carefully thought out, to ensure they’re responded to and thereby fruitful. 

Overloading Twitter Is Not The Answer

There is such thing as over-tweeting; understand that. Twitter accounts with several tweets every hour only serve to brother people and lose more and more followers.