Those who work in digital marketing will know more than any others that technology plays a massive role in facilitating business. From software to apps, digital marketers often need computing help to thrive. Here we will deal apps and earmark five of the most useful for digital marketing. 


A major part of digital marketing relies on readily being able to analyze vital statistics concerning any website you need throughout the internet. For example, pages often need analyzing when networking for guest posting purposes, or when researching one’s online competition. 
Apple’s iSEO gives you valuable information on any webpage you need to research and in an easily understandable format. Results and findings can be emailed which is a great plus point.


Of course, the importance of keyword research is immense in SEO digital marketing. SECockpit allows keyword research to be done on the go, making it an extremely valuable app. 
Like most keyword research tools, all you need to do is insert a word or phrase and receive information on the competition and search volume for your entry.

Google Analytics

If you’re an SEO and you haven’t heard of Google Analytics then you’re definitely not much of an SEO. Likewise, if you’re an SEO without the Google Analytics app on your smartphone or tablet, you’re not doing enough as an SEO. 
Allowing you to pitch your SEO data alongside your revenue, compare various metrics from various time frames, see a range of KPIs from total page views to time on site, this app basically has everything that can be found on the actual Google Analytics. 
It is indeed the level of detail available on this app that makes it such a necessity for any SEO. It’s available on both Android and Apple. 

SEO Stats

Of course, much of digital marketing is based around social media, with websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ having a strong impact on the success of a business.
SEO Stats addresses the importance of social media influence and provides information regarding one’s social media standing and footprint. 


Another app, which gives users on-the-go access to information based on a range of metrics, LinkJuice is a tool all seasoned SEOs should have. 
Providing information on domain authority, backlinks, anchor text and more. 
It isn’t particularly easy to use however, hence why it is only to be recommended for experienced SEOs, who know what they’re doing.