We all do it. We’re looking for a list of sites for some quick-fire link building before the end of the month and, rather than put the hard graft and clicking-finger grease in for a fiddly hour, we simply Google,

 “link building list 2012”


 “guest blogging site list”

 Indeed, that’s exactly what I’m trying to appeal to now with this article. You intrepid hard working types who would probably far rather skip over all this text and scoot down to the bottom of the page, furtively burrowing amidst the text for a CSV link or external link to a nice clean list. Well, I’m afraid you’re not going to get one. However, what you are going to get is THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FINDING GUEST BLOGGERS

This guide is flexible, and can be re-applied to various niches, rather than exhausting a finite list and not having anything else to go on. OK, with that caveat in mind, let’s get to the nitty gritty.


Step 1: Outreachr


First and foremost, get a campaign going on Outreachr with some custom parameters.

Outreachr is our – if we might say so ourselves – fantastic tool which does the hard graft for you. You’ll need to be careful what tags you add depending on the niche you’re looking for, so first up we’d recommend heading over to Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to compile some terms. 

You need to think about how people will tag their own blogs. 

Are you looking for sport blogs? Let’s assume so. Pop sports into the keyword tool and we’re going to get loads of recommendations that will be e-commerce related: ‘sports gear’, ‘sports kit’ and plenty more besides that perhaps less people are going to be blogging about.

Why not mix things up a bit? Add ‘sports analysis’, ‘sports comment’, even add ‘sports blog’ and see what other related blog terms come up. If you want to tighten your results a little more, try ticking the checkbox marked: “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. 

Other good addendums to attach are things like “uk”, “best” and “top” which might help you out a little.

We’d recommend putting together around 30-50 tags with 2 or more words. Once you’ve got this list, you can add this to Outreachr. 

Assuming you’ve signed up already, the process is simple:

Add guest blogs


1/ Head to “Add Campaign”

2/ Give your campaign a name

3/ Select “blogs” as your site type

4/ Select your country

5/ Leave industry blank

6/ In advanced search operators, we can use similar operators to Google. For guest blogs, we’d recommend adding “guest post|posts|posting|blog|blogs|blogging”

7/ Add your tags and click ‘Save campaign’




This will launch your Outreachr campaign, which should quickly bring about some results for you. You can start contacting these sites immediately via the tool, or you can use the tool to amass a few more blogs.


Step 2: Using MyBlogGuest


My Guest Blog


MyBlogGuest is the perfect tool for those in need of quickfire content or links. Simply create strong, original content (including infographics), and here you’ll find a community who are more than happy to spread the word with a link back to your site as required...all free of charge. You’ll get final approval on the site which uploads your content too, so don’t worry too much about the type of sites you’re going to attract. All you have to do is share your quality content...which is what you’re looking to do already isn’t it? 


Step 3: Using Google


OK, so we’re going full circle here, but Google is obviously a hugely useful tool for finding guest bloggers, not least because it’s the biggest site database anyone is ever likely to be able to compile. 

Think of their index like a giant site list, and you just need to filter it to get what you want. Yes, you can just search for “sports guest blogging” or similar such terms, but we can also be a bit savvy with things. Search for terms like “if you’d like to guest post” and you’re more likely to match up to the content placed on people’s sites. If you just want UK sites, append site:.co.uk to your search (note: you can also try this with the Outreachr tool). There’s a wealth of clever searches you can try out, and even more of a wealth of quality sites waiting for your content. 

And the best thing about using Google? The results are already ordered in terms of relevance for you!


Step 4: Use other search engines!


Bing Search

Although Google is no doubt the best search engine in terms of indexation and relevance, there are still plenty of other search engines that will give you alternative results that should prove just as useful. Think of them as fresh palettes and give them a try.


Step 5: Be organised


It's easy to have a scatter gun approach to guest blogging and contact hundreds of sites without taking a proper record, meaning you'll most likely end up re-re-re-contacting sites for the umpteenth time...not the best way to get webmasters on site. If you've got a few people working on the same project, why not use Google Docs? Outreachr also offers functionality that allows you to tag sites as contacted whilst multiple users use the account. All this can ensure you're on top of efficiency and efficacy going forward.



Step 6: Get going


So there you have it. The above should be enough to give you a great list to get started with. One thing we'll stress it that just because a site doesn't overtly offer guest blogging, doesn't mean they won't accept it, so once you've compiled such a starting list it's still worth finding other very relevant sites in your niche that might offer such an opportunity. At the end of the day it's very much a case of the more the merrier.