Link building is one of the most important SEO practices. The more links pointing to your website with the right anchor text, the higher you will appear in Google’s results pages for that keyword and associated search terms. You need to work hard on gaining links through networking. Outreachr is a tool that allows you to find other webmasters to network with. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to find another energy blog - or five - for linkbuilding. 


Start With Keyword Research



The first thing you need to do is to find keyword ideas. Whether your site is about petroleum energy or new energy, keywords will help you find websites to boost your rankings and traffic.  Keywords are the fuel that powers the campaign. They allow Outreachr to find websites on topics relevant to your link building project.  Google’s Adwords Keywords tool is the best option currently available.

Good practice for finding keywords:

1.    The location setting can be ‘all countries’ since you are just looking for keyword ideas.
2.    It’s a good idea to start with the ‘only show ideas closely related to my search terms’ box checked.
3.    We like to include the keyword ‘blogs’, combined with words describing the website’s subject and location.
4.    Once you have a list of keywords, choose ‘download’,  then ‘all’, then ‘CSV for Excel’.
5.    You might want to save the spreadsheet at this stage. Next you’re ready to paste them into Outreachr and run the campaign.

Action Your Campaign


Once Outreachr has populated your campaign with links, you can then start working on and editing your campaign.
1.    Use the red ‘stop’ icon to immediately banish a particular site from all of your campaigns
2.    Use the black ‘x’ icon to remove a website from the current campaign
3.    Use the green ‘check’ icon to mark a website as ‘contacted’ (so you don’t send linkbuilding emails to the same websites!)

Outreachr also has icons to show you if there’s a blog present, a contact form, an email address, a twitter account etc. It also pulls in this information for you (click on the blue ‘information’ button). Look for a blog as this means the website is likely to accept guest posts.

The channels through which you approach people are entirely down to you. We find that link building enquiries sent through a contact form get a higher response rate. 
You need to decide what the minimum domain authority you will accept is. The higher number, the more valuable a link from the website. You will usually also be asked for more money


Write a Great Linkbuilding Email

Now you have identified your potential link building partners for your energy campaign, you need a great email to convince them to let you advertise with them.  Start your email off with a nice, polite ‘Dear Webmaster’.

1.    Be concise. About 300 words, including the disclaimer, is sufficient.
2.    Decide whether you want to offer a price up front or lead them into a negotiation
3.    You need to specify the minimum length of time you’d like your article to be posted and the method of payment
4.    You also need to include a disclaimer that protects you from complaints of spamming or obtaining their contact details through illegal means.

Now you know how to run a basic  Outreachr link building campaign, the next step is to try it out for yourself. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!