How to find Influencers in Social Media

Social media is a concept that has recently taken the technology world by storm. It’s become an essential aspect to many businesses’ marketing strategy. You can use social media to find the right contacts, form a customer service base and expand your social network.

Forms of Social Media


Social media comes in the form of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogging sites.

Facebook and Twitter generate a social network platform for many companies. You can create pages and encourage consumers and fans to “like” the page. The more content you post on your page, the more “buzz” gets generated around your company and brand. Twitter has grown rapidly recently, with hash tag trends becoming the talk of the online realm. Hash tags enable you to find other people with similar interests. If you have an interest in a trend then you can share this with many others – don’t forget it’s a global phenomenon so you can interact with people from all countries, backgrounds and cultures. It really is a way to get creative online.

If your company wants to get creative and attract a wider range of consumers and fans then it may be worthwhile for you to set up a blog. You can use websites such as Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress. A blog is a fantastic way of generating content for anyone to view around the world. The more content you produce then the more traffic you are going to generate and this is great for building an online presence.

Forums are also a great way to spread the word about your company, find out what is of interest on the internet and to drive traffic to your website.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of using social media is that it is completely free to use. It’s simple to set up, you register and create an account and there are no extra costs. What you do with your social network is completely up to you.

Another benefit of social media is that you can find contacts – whether it’s consumers, advisors, or professionals alike you can easily search for those in similar industries. You can also expand your network using other tools – this is where Outreachr comes in!

Now you know the platforms of social media, the forms and the benefits you are one click away from getting your social media strategy up and running!