SEOs all around the world will no doubt admit that link building is the bane of their working lives.  It's a chore, a trial and can take days of working time just to compile a list of contacts in the very first place. We've all been in the position where we need dozens of links in a specific market, but never enough contacts to fulfil these. Fortunately the new blogger outreach tool Outreachr can save your link building projects.



Outreachr simply takes a list of tags that have been compiled by you, relevant to your specific market, and trawls our huge indexes of websites to find the most influential bloggers and websites in those areas. Plug in your tags and within minutes you'll be getting through real-time results that you can start working on. The tool's easy-management platform means you won't lose track of what you're doing as you can mark sites with a variety of notes. It also means that multiple users can reach the real-time list from an unlimited number of computers, so you won't spend hours contacting the same sites. It's the perfect tool for quick, relevant link building and blogger outreach.


You can also use Outreachr for a variety of alternative techniques. Our database tags sites with a range of markers, including “guest posting” and “useful links”, meaning you can specifically search for sites that meet those criteria. This means your contact list can be tailored to your ideal results, meaning if you have an authoritative and useful site that should be easy to encourage webmasters to link back to, you can easily tailor your list to suit this. PR agencies might also want to search solely for blogs if they want articles on their latest product to promote. The simplicity is Outreachr's malleablity.


So how do you get started?


Step 1/ Sign up at - you can grab a free account today and get started instantly!

Step 2/ Once logged in, click the Add Campaign tab at the top of your dashboard and give your campaign a name.

Step 3/ Fill in all the fields as per your preferences, and then compile a list of tags to build your contact list around.

Step 4/ Click "Add" and then wait for the magic to happen! Within minutes you'll be able to click through to your campaign and check the latest results.



The tool has been tested within several SEO agencies and PR agencies for both link building and broader outreach projects, and therefore is tailored towards producing the quickest and highest quality results. You can literally be getting hundreds of quality contacts in your target audience within just minutes.


So what are you waiting for, sign up for a free account here and start grabbing link building contacts instantly!