We live in an age when keeping things private is harder than ever. It is the age of passwords, in which everything is protected by a few letters or numbers. The general lack of privacy in today’s society is rather annoying for each one of us, however it does have its advantages, especially when you’re looking to intrude on the privacy of a friend or more intriguingly, partner. Thanks to the predictability of humankind, it is possible for many of us to guess our partner’s password. Here are a few tips on doing just that.

Have a Guess

We human beings are a lot more unimaginative and lazy than we like to think. This is to the extent that the most popular passwords are the most unimaginative and the most predictable. In fact, according to a recent survey by SplashData, the most popular password used by us, is ‘password’! Others such as password1, abc123, 123456 and QWERTY are also frighteningly popular.

It could be that your partner’s password is simply that simple.

Know Your Partner

If you know your partner well, you will be able to have a guess what their password is through the types of things that they’re affiliated with. For example, if he or she supports a football club, then the password may very well be or include the name of its captain, manager, best player and so forth.

You should have a think of what your partner’s favourite musician, band or song is too, as well as their most liked foods and hangout spot.

Their birth date is usually a good bet.

You see, when we pick a password, we’re very careful to pick one that we ourselves remember. It is therefore usually likely to be something of meaning to ourselves, so that we may not forget it.

Therefore consider what is of meaning to your partner and try to add a few numbers to the end of each guess, while also adding a capital letter to the first letter of each guess.

Inspiration from Objects

Often people conjuring up passwords draw inspiration from surrounding objects. You should therefore have a look around at what passwords surround your partner’s computer or what your partner keeps in the place they spend most of their time.