The research process for finding relevant material to link building/social media marketing/SEO/etc. becomes a cycle of reading the same blog content over and over again. Your eyes begin to droop and your concentration level drops dramatically, that is, until you read an article that legitimately stands out from the rest. Simply put, you find a post that is actually interesting.


Anthony D. Nelson, a new YouMoz blogger for SEOmoz, posted an article yesterday (15/02/2012) about broken link building that I found incredibly interesting. Everyone who link builds comes across links that are dead or broken and most people disregard them and move on to the next web page. This genius man said, "Dead link? Perfect!" and explained that broken links can be a great opportunity to grab your potential contact's attention and pitch your product, web page, or whatever it is you want to pitch. Although there have been articles posted about broken link building prior to Mr. Nelson's, we found this particular one to be more in depth and enlightening. 

We HIGHLY recommend any and all link builders to read his article on broken link building here.