Marketers from all industry sectors are devising creative ways to engage with their online audiences. Social media has been popular for several years, with 2012 seeing top social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter hitting new active user highs. However, 2013 is the year for personalised campaigns in order to connect to consumers behind cold, branded exteriors. One of the best ways of doing this is incorporating visual marketing into a business structure to showcase ideas, engaging content and the faces behind a brand.



Video offers an engaging, interactive platform to stream content. For example, in 2012, the traditionally detached publishing industry increased their involvement with marketing companies to heighten their user experience to include visual marketing alongside text content. Video is a cheap and personal insight into a brand and its products. Customers are more likely to trust a person rather than a logo so creating videos on a company blog or uploading on social media sites can entice larger streams of online traffic. Multimedia such as videos has also been added to Google’s search engine index; therefore a great video can boost a business’ SEO. An infographic from 2012 stated that companies which used video for promotional purposes saw a sales lifts from 20%-40%. These videos can then be transferred to other viewing platforms including a home TV by using devices such as mk802 IIIs for Android TV.




Infographics are a great visual marketing tool for collecting large amounts of data. This data can then be condensed into a clever graphic which structures large amounts of information into a simple, readable layout. An infographic can bring a creative depth to a website as well as wit, humour and intelligence. Some infographics are 100% visual which means that you can market ideas and brands globally without language barriers. A good infographic will help convey a concept to a consumer or client quickly and can motivate viewers to follow the link to find out more.

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In an increasingly visual online social society, it is important to regularly update connected websites with images relating to a business. Followers will respond to visual posts which have an active interest in the latest industry news, light-hearted photos and basic tutorial videos for products and programs. Photographs can also be used to unite a company and its ethos such as uniform company pictures on employee business profiles. Pictures from within the company can also highlight how good the company is to work for by projecting an appealing work culture.



Visual social media site Pinterest has understood the need for businesses to expand their multimedia horizons by including a section called ‘Pinterest for Business’. This area includes setting up a business account, success stories and its new analytics feature. This feature allows a business to track its pinning activity. Having an insight into who is pinning its posts and clicking on its content, a business can determine which pins users prefer which can then be used to tailor their website in the future.