Hey guys, you might find our latest PR interesting . See below:

London, 06.06.2014, Orchid Box, the software house, is launching a new PR/ Marketing product: Outreachr.com.

Not only will Outreachr have a distinctive aesthetic, but also deploy state of the art functionality with easy use and remarkable reach .

Outreachr has been in Beta mode during 2014 and is today fully launched with the latest tablet enabled technology, support of new additional countries like India and an improved reporting system.

Outreachr’s mission is to enable companies to market themselves more effectively, less expensively and with a wider reach and deeper data acquisition than any other software tool. It also gives smaller companies the tools to compete with bigger competitors on an equal basis.

Effectively, Outreachr is putting the power of a PR and Marketing agency in the hands of in-house marketers, at less than a third of the cost of equivalent tools.

Founder Frank Vitetta says:

“Outreachr is the culmination of two years software evolution and development with our clients. We wanted to create a unique and multinational tool which now covers over 50 countries. We have worked hard to scope, refine and perfect a uniquely powerful content marketing system that identifies and engages prospects within hours, and brings previously unaffordable marketing to even the smallest of companies”.

Sam Pierce from Kindred, an existing client, says:

‘Managing to automate such a laborious, time-intensive task is an incredible achievement. Very user-friendly and consistently accurate, Outreachr is an outstanding product that will change the market completely."