Organise Your Emails with these 5 Amazing Apps

We all know that sifting through a million emails built up over a period of time can be a huge and time consuming task. Luckily however there are now tools that can help relieve the pain of sorting through those pestering messages.

K-9 Mail

This Android app will help you list all your messages so you can swipe them to delete, move to different folders or simply archive. The app can also sync with multiple accounts and display them all in one unified inbox, making it easier to go through all your emails. 


The Mailbox app is great for removing all of those unread messages temporarily. With this app you are able to resend unread messages to yourself at a later date so you can have more time to go through them. You can also deal with messages quicker as checking boxes is replaced with swiping to organise your emails into categories.

This tool will de-clutter your inbox by ‘rolling’ up all spam emails into just one email. Then all you have to do to get rid of them is press delete. also offers an ‘unsubscribe’ button which is handy for when you want to stop unwanted promotion and subscription emails.


SaneBox is a handy app that filters out non-urgent emails, saving you plenty of time to go through the emails that are important. Its other useful function is that it is compatible on various different platforms such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Yahoo.


This tool is perfect for avid users of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It condenses all your messages from these sites into one Gmail-themed inbox for you to keep up to date with your contacts and conversations more easily and quickly.