We’ve made a crucial update to Outreachr this week - we’ve added country flags! The new flag icons in your report tell you where each website is registered. This is essential because often looking at the domain name of a website (co.uk, for example) isn’t enough to know that the website is actually is registered in that country.

Finding partner websites located within your own country means that any links pointing at you will do more for your ranking than links pointing at you from websites registered in another country. If you want to do an international link building campaign then you can use the flag icons to point in the direction of any country you like.
So now thanks to the flag icons you don’t have to use any unwieldy extra web tools to help with your outreaching. Hopefully you won’t have to waste time contacting webmasters with websites that turn out to be unsuitable.

New Geo-Relevancy Tool: Advanced Search Operators

If you’re into international link building then Outreachr gives you the tools to find the right websites in the right countries. When you’re setting up a campaign in Outreachr you can used the ‘Advanced Search Operators’ to further refine the results you get from your keyword inputs.  Similar to Google, you can simply append extra search operators onto your job to hone your results.

 A good geo-specific search trick is to use the site: command to pull up websites with a particular country domain, specifying the subject, location and ‘blog’ to find sites that would make good link building partners.

Say you want florists in Paris, France. A good search to do would be:
“fleuriste à paris blog site:.fr”

Using the site command to display only relevant blogs with a .fr or .de (for example) will help you create a more relevant report to begin outreaching from.