Are you a blogger or webmaster looking for new advertising partners? Outreachr are excited to introduce you to the Outreachr Blogger Programme. 


We’re really excited to launch this new web community which welcomes bloggers to meet premium advertisers.  Don’t think there isn’t a place for you - we’re looking for blogs in every niche. Lifestyle, sports, travel, tech and every other type of website you can think of. You, the blogger, retain complete editorial control over your content, because we know that you want to create quality content which you are happy to put your name to. 

Sign up to the Outreachr Blogger Programme here: 

Advertisers and online marketing agencies are always looking to purchase sponsored posts (an article written by a blogger, which will usually include a mention of the advertiser’s products and services). Each advertiser will have their own requirements on blog length and the type of links they want you to include. 

The Outreachr network pool is essentially a directory and dashboard that allows you to communicate with premium advertisers to negotiate on a price and a content style that suits you. You can charge as much or as little as you like for your blogging. As soon as you publish, your payment is made directly into your account via Paypal.

If your blog is already making money via Google Adsense and affiliate programmes then your blog is likely to be in demand on the Outreachr Blogger Programme network. The more you write and publish paid content through the Outreachr network, the higher a rating you will achieve for your own blog. The Outreachr moderation team retain the right to reject blogs which carry a Google page rank penalty (currently that’s typically about 15% of blogs submitted). 

All languages are welcome and the Outreachr network is fully international.