Blogger outreaching is a pretty straightforward task; however it is one that nonetheless requires lots of time, concentration, attention to detail, and determination. It is also one that can be made a whole lot easier through having the right tool at your disposal. There are a plethora of different blogger outreach tools. Here are a few of the best.


Most SEOs will know what Buzzstream’s all about. The web-based software helps users promote their products, services and content through link building and PR and social media. In regards to link building, Buzzstream has automated tools for researching link prospects and conducting campaigns, while the software’s social media and PR elements helps building and managing relationships with partners and clients.

The great thing about Buzzstream is that it allows you to track to your communications in one place. This is to the point where any communication between you and an email address in Buzzstream gets saved in the contact card for that person. You’re thus always able to see the last interaction made with your contacts which is a very useful perk if you have more than one person working on a project, as each team member will be able to see previous communication made by another team member.

Buzzstream also allows you to import existing contacts from previous spreadsheets, while blogging contacts can be associated with more than one campaign. It is such flexibility and dynamism that really gives Buzzstream its worth. Little things like being able to pull in data automatically from a number of metrics such as Twitter followers, PageRank, Domain Authority and more, is what makes Buzzstream so brilliant and is also what makes blogger outreaching considerably easier.


It still remains a bit of a wonder why Google didn’t implement the features of Boomerang before it emerged as a plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Boomerang for Gmail should be a SEO’s best friend, or personal assistant in the least.

The great thing about Boomerang is that it allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a specific time and date. Boomerang will also propel chosen emails to the top of your inbox at a specific time, for reminder purposes.

In essence, what Boomerang does is it reminds you to do the things you anticipate yourself forgetting. Another example of this is that it reminds you to chase people up if you don’t hear back from them by a specific time.

Such features make Boomerang a very useful – and free – companion for any level of SEO.

Gmail Canned Responses

However, Boomerang isn’t the only great little blogger outreach tool designed for Google Mail. Gmail Canned Responses is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to create templates, which is obviously useful when sending a bunch of similar outreach emails.

A Google Labs add on which will save you a lot of time as well as get rid of a large portion of the repetitiveness that comes with blogger outreaching, Gmail Canned Responses is a must have SEO tool. And it’s free!