As soon as summertime kicks in, the temptation to take a holiday is too much to resist. Maybe our sporadic sunny summer weather gives us a teaser of what it might be like to sunbathe in a hot country, or perhaps we’ve been conditioned to taking holidays in the summer since our prolonged school summer breaks. Either way, summertime is holiday time for many people. With there being an app for everything, why not use a few for your holiday?


Remember the days when we would have to scour Teletext for the latest updates and information on a particular flight? Things improved somewhat in recent years with the internet as all we needed to do was hop online and scour the web instead. However, it still wasn’t as convenient as it should be. To rephrase that: it still wasn’t as convenient as it is now with Flighttrack.


Providing users with real-time updates for flight cancellations, delays and gates at over 5,000 airports throughout the world, Flighttrack is the ultimate flight information companion. What’s more is that information can be sent to family, friends or co-workers through Twitter, Facebook or email.


 Of course, you won’t be going anywhere without a ticket. Furthermore, flight tickets can be expensive, meaning you won’t be going anywhere if you can’t afford a ticket. Skyscanner’s mobile app is useful, as it allows you to quickly and easily search for the cheapest flights for your intended trip.

Flights can be searched by airline, route and take-off time, and tickets can be bought via the app and shared with friends or loved ones.

Trip Advisor

Finding where to stay can be even more frustrating than booking flights. Many hotels don’t live up to their billing or star rating, while accommodation can be unjustifiably expensive in some parts of the world.

Trip Advisor’s mobile app is the perfect guide for those seeking accommodation, boasting a comprehensive hotel-listing database, which includes booking options and information.

It also gives you information on local tourist attractions and restaurants, so you can know all about the place you’re travelling to and what’s around your hotel.

Of course, no accommodation guide would be complete without reviews written by other travelers and as long as you take some of what is said with a pinch of salt (as rival hotels can write bad reviews purposely for their competitors), you will find such feedback to be very useful.