The power of marketing on Twitter


Twitter has had an explosive impact on how people use the web. At times many thought it would be consumed by Facebook or Google but its user base continues to grow.Twitter is sometimes overlooked as a powerful marketing tool but it can bring untold publicity and success if used correctly. Here are 5 top tips for getting you and your company noticed. 

1. keep it fresh, keep it short

Twitter is all about real-time content, the here and the now. So think of twitter as a news ticker for your company. Most Twitter users simply skim and scan their feed so quality eye grabbing information is of utmost importance. To reinforce this Twitters has a 140 character limit. Use services such as Bitly to shorten any links that you wish to include, this allows you to use the character limit for more quality information.  

2.  #UseYourHashTags

Using hastags in your tweet is a great way to organize them into topics and a great way to get the overall theme of your message to your user quickly but be careful make sure they are short, sweet and relevant otherwise you risk losing the readers interest. For example #freestuff  is much better than #freestuffifyouclickthislink.

Hashtag trends change constantly and they are what its user's check the most. Try to use trending hastags, you have a much greater chance of your tweet being seen by new followers.  

3. Share your tweets

Your tweet can also be retweeted by any of its users, so make sure it’s something worth sharing and your message could spread like wildfire!


 If you have the budget you can even promote your tweets. By doing so, you can target users based on their location and specific interests. Your tweet will then appear in user timelines and search results. You can then user Twitters built in analytical tools to track its progress.  

4. Grow your audience

Twitter is a sure-fire way to grow your audience.  Following and tweeting industry professionals is the most effective way of raising brand awareness quickly. This lets people know that you are here and they are likely to follow back.

Also be sure to make it easy for people to find you. HTML twitter badges can easily be embedded on your site or any others you wish. This allows people to follow you at the touch of a button, immediately gaining access to your past, current and future tweets. 

5. The personal touch

A lot of the time consumer will send personal tweets to companies. This is the perfect time to let your followers know “Hey we’re here and we care”.  So try to reply to as many tweets as you can, whether they are commendations or grievances as this enables your audience to have a more personal relationship with you.  It’s also important to think about what times your consumer is most likely to read your tweet. notes that Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on the weekend.