If you don't know what travel blogging is, then you're in for an inspirational treat today...
The rise of people hoping to share their exploits from travelling the globe has risen exponentially over the past few years. And the world of blogging is becoming a viable community of its own, with many bloggers now growing careers out it! In fact, the people over at Skyscanner are holding their first 'Bloscars' this year, commending all sorts of bloggers on their efforts. But, with so many to sift through, it's hard to sort the best from the worst.
Sound exciting? To impatient to wait? Then fear not as we have sources out our top 20 travel bloggers which will make for an interesting place to begin..  

#1 Nomadic Matt 

Normadic Matt is perhaps one of the most notorious travel bloggers around and is definitely a great place to start. After quitting his day job in 2004 to travel the world, he's now dedicated to helping fellow bloggers begin their fledgling careers. He has even managed to publish a book which was featured all over the media (CNN, BBC, Huffington Post, National Geographic to name but a few.) His blog is incredibly inspirational and includes some of the wisest travel tips and videos around!

#2 Travel Dudes

This is a really interesting site because as its tag line purports, 'it's for travelers, by travelers!', meaning that everyone can get involved in the community and post from all over the world. It’s super helpful because it has all the continents covered from many different perspectives.

#3 Almost Fearless

A beautifully put together site by a travelling mother, father, and baby. The pictures alone make it a worthwhile visit and the navigation is really easy. Christine and her husband, Drew, filmed a documentary of their travels and now Christine is on rout to publishing her very own book about adventuring. A joyful and easy to read, blog with an even happier ending!

#4 Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley is one very cool cat. Not only has she starred in a German movie, she has also survived being shipwrecked in Indonesia and travelled the world completely solo. This makes Adventurous Kate the one-stop blog for women aspiring to travel the world alone because she tells how it can be done successfully and safely – with tips that you can’t afford to miss out on.

#5 Inside The Travel Lab

A personal favourite - this blog has been carefully put together and collates all of the interesting journeys that its author, Abi King, has been on. Her adventures are inspiring and she has tackled all of the continents. Her post 'Beneath the Totem Pole' about her visit to Wrangell, Alaska, is a prime example of the unusual stories that she collects. A truly interesting read that we must warn you’ll spend hours on.

#6 Bacon is Magic

Don’t let the name misguide you; Ayngelina is an excellent writer who blogs about food and culture, combined with features of some really great photography. Her most recent section on London is particularly amusing and she connects with her readers enthusiastically and emotively.

#7 Art of Backpacking 

Michael Tieso left the corporate world in 2008 to begin his travel journey. The ethos of the site is to demonstrate that travelling is about the experience and adventure. He encourages the simplicity and adrenaline of travelling and that anyone can do it. It also contains a section of articles from other travellers across the world wishing to share their experiences.

#8 Writing Through The Fog

This blog gives you a little bit of everything, technology, culture, cities...and San Francisco. Cheri Lucas writes about all sorts and specifically her experience with cities. It makes a perfect Sunday afternoon read.

#9 As We Travel 

Nathan and Sofia have been sharing their experiences with travelling via blog posts and videos since 2010. This multimedia way of displaying their travels gives the reader an alternative and exciting perspective to reading swathes of information about relevant destinations. 

#10 Legal Nomads

This former lawyer from Montreal (hence the name) has definitely made a name for herself over the past four years. She's infamous in the travel blog society for going on some pretty wacky adventures and has specifically tried to experience countries through their food. She has also created a really useful and knowledgeable list of tips for long term travellers.

#11 Uncornered Market

Travelling couple Audrey Scott and Dan Noll have created a platform for their multimedia travel sharing. From picture posts to audio casts, it makes a really fresh and innovative way of documenting their travels. And, they've been EVERYWHERE!

#12 Stuck In Customs

Time for something a little different: Trey Ratcliff's blog. Stuck In Customs is the number one travel photography blog on the internet, with the promise of a new photos every day of the year. So if photography and travelling is your thing, then this definitely worth checking out. 

#13 Our Tasty Travels

Brett Domue and Erin De Santiago set out to explore the world through delicious dishes, which we think makes them the dream blog for all the food lovers out there. This mouth-watering blog features oriental dishes from over fifty countries, with a healthy mixture between recipes, restaurants, bars, wineries and events. 

#14 Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl seems to feature on a fair few top travel blogger lists. It's easy from one click to see why his content is accessible and amusing, and he's well-seasoned, seeing as he’s been travelling for over twelve years. One travelling Guru you don’t want to skip.

#15 Digital Nomad

Andrew Evans is living the dream, writing for National Geographic and travelling worldwide on expenses. His page is jam-packed full of adventure and he shares his content through photos and videos. He's cleverly connected to Facebook and Twitter ensuring that readers can keep up with him wherever he is in the world.

#16 Camels and Chocolates

Kristen Luna has visited more than 80 countries on assignments for her job as a travel writer. This is a really funky and controversial site with lots of content and inspiring photos. She has a lot of advice for all eventualities, but you if you find yourself needing a break, you can simply read up on celebrity gossip with one click, as she's worked as a red carpet correspondent for years.

#17 Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere (not the 4G network promoted by Kevin Bacon) is the travel blog of Gary Arndt who has been travelling the seven continents since 2007. He's not only been to 180 UNESCO World Heritage sites, but he's also visited an active war zone in Cambodia, and holy week in Jerusalem.

#18 The Professional Hobo

This lady is on the adventure of a lifetime. She's travelled alone, with a partner, lived on boats, lived in the Caribbean and co-ordinated the spontaneous cyclone relief in Asia. She's carefully documented summaries of each year's travel which makes a fascinating read for all.

#19 Go See Write

Michael Hodson quit his job and took off travelling the world for sixteen months straight before settling to blog from Colombia. What is really cool about his site (amongst his travel tips) is that he has interviewed lots of travel bloggers which gives you a little insight into the world other bloggers inhabit in a snippet.

#20 Beers and Beans 

And finally, last but certainly not least, we have a duo: a comprising photographer and journalist who love to document their travel stories. Their site is modern, interactive and interesting due to their excellent synergised combination of material. And like other travel bloggers, they have several links in their 'about' section which will help to get you started on your own journey..