If you type Gifs into Google, you will without a doubt find hundreds of suggestions for the best ones around. After doing a bit of exploring into gif sites however, we are going to give you an up to date list of the truly greatest Gif sites you can find anywhere on the web. 
1. Beginning with Gifbin.com, this site offers hilarious and cute video clips that include animals dancing and famous film scenes. Some are often captioned with a funny statement to make the clip even more entertaining. These are the main ingredients that make a great Gif however this site is brilliant if you want a range to choose from.
2. You can find all sorts of content on Pleated-jeans.com, however it is the Gifs that arguably provide the most entertainment. One of its latest posts plays on real life situations, such as getting out of bed on a Monday morning (which is obviously a difficult time for many people!) The clips are great to scroll through for a bit of lunch break browsing and again there is a huge variety.
3. If you want more of a specific set of Gifs, look no further than London Grumblr. This site is pretty much made for anyone that likes to have a whinge about daily life. It’s also very relevant with titled clips ranging from ‘When I lose my friends on a night out’ to ‘When I look at flats I can actually afford’. 
4. Gifstache.com has a clever function that allows people to vote on their favourite Gifs which makes the whole experience of browsing these sites a bit more interactive. You can also look at their top Gifs and like many other related sites, click on a button that randomises the selection. This certainly helps when you’re not feeling at your most decisive or you’re just short on time.
5. Finally, another Gif Site but with a bit of a difference is Gifsoup.com. This site allows you to create your own animated gifs through using YouTube videos and then share them. The only disadvantage to this site perhaps is that because it is so amateur friendly, you may have to scroll through a few bad gifs to get to a good one. The sharing aspect of this site however does not seem to be the important factor here anyway so it is worth giving it a visit just to create your own Gif. 
Gifs may be a simple way of getting a laugh but they are extremely social. With the option to tweet, Like and Pin, these clips can go viral in a matter of seconds. This could mean that Gifs won’t just be a passing fancy but will hopefully be shared and enjoyed for a long time to come!