With the meteoric rise in mobile computing it’s now easier than ever to keep on top of your work load. There are a myriad of apps that offer their services to you anytime and anywhere. Search engine optimization has not escaped the grip of the app revolution and in fact there are now some really useful on the go tools to check your sites online performance. Here are 5 SEO apps you should definitely check out. 

1.SEO manager

Available for IOS this app analyses the impact of your SEO efforts. The SEO manager allows you to add unlimited webpages ready to be checked for their real-time keyword rankings and page ranks. These vital statistics are presented in history graphs along with competitor analysis to see how your site is performing over time. Priced at £10.49 it's the most expensive

2.SEO serp

Available only on Google Play the SEO SERP app comes with essential features – including metrics on page ranks (Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and Compete Rank), social stats  (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter) and indexed pages on both Google and Bing. All this data is presented within the apps stylish clean cut interface and available on both the free and pro version with the latter offering WHOIS lookup and stats comparison.

3. gAnalytics

Anyone who is in touch with SEO is no stranger to Google Analytics. While there is an official app from Google the gAnalytics app just provides that little bit that bit extra and is in fact rated higher on the Google Play store. The easy to use app integrates with your analytics accounts flawlessly allowing you to check up on multiple profiles. If you’re familiar with the normal analytics interface you will feel right at home here with all the usual information such as visitors, bounce rate, goals and E-commerce.

4. SEO automatic

Available as a free app on ITunes or a paid version for £9.99 the SEO automatic URL checker carry’s out deep web page analysis on page factors ranging from ‘alt’ tags and xml mark-up. This is one of the only apps here that helps suggest positive steps to take for better SEO as opposed to just reporting its findings – but of course it does that too and really very well. For example this app checks to make sure that the ‘http://’ version of your site redirects to the ‘www’ version and notifies you either way. The pro version of this app lets you email the URL reports.

5. SenseEarn 

Only available on IOS SenseEarn is a nifty app that allows you to view your AdSense accounts rand review history. While it only allows for one account at a time (Although you can switch at any time) the app does a great job of displaying revenue per day, well, month or channel; displays for each currency, stores history on your mobile device for easy viewing and allows secure transactions – essential for anyone who is permanently checking up on their AdSense performance metrics.