It’s almost that time of year again so why not spruce up your Facebook page with one of these top Christmas apps?
My Christmas Tree 2012
If your online life is almost as important as your real one, My Christmas Tree 2012 could be the Christmas app for you. Users can give gifts to one another to put under their virtual trees for them to open come Christmas Day. When you’ve finished unwrapping yet another pair of socks in real life, get online and see what virtual pressies your friends have left for you.
Funny Christmas Pictures
When the weather is so bad outside and there are a million and one things to be getting on with, we could always use a little light-hearted relief. Funny Christmas Pictures is an app that sends a daily Christmas themed image that’s sure to make you laugh when the days are at their longest. From the cute to the quite rude and cheeky, Funny Christmas Pictures has it covered.
Christmas Decorations
With the Christmas Decorations app you can add baubles, hats and all manner of other festive deckings to you and your friends’ photos. You can have hours of fun editing your snaps; putting Father Christmas’s hat on your boss’ head; giving your family bauble eyes and tinsel necklaces; and dangling mistletoe over that special someone.
Sleeps to Christmas
Count down the number of long nights between now and the special day on your Facebook account. It’s definitely helpful for those of us who need or are happy to be reminded of the joy of the annual Christmas countdown. After all, there are only so many days in the year that we can celebrate this magical holiday. So don’t forget how long you've got left until you need to put away the tree and all the decorations- enjoy the time! 
Gift You Will Get at Christmas
Can’t wait until the big day to know what you’ll be getting from the man in red? The Gift You Will Get at Christmas app lets you find out what’s possibly waiting for you when you descend the stairs on Christmas morning.
What Christmas Song Are You?
For some, the festive musical standards are a nightmare to endure. For the rest of us, there just can’t be too many repeats of ‘White Christmas’! From the modern and upbeat to the more serious and traditional, What Christmas Song Are You helps you to work out which festive classic suits you best. For sure, when you find out, you’ll be playing it all holiday long.
The Christmas Movie Challenge
We all love relaxing with a little bit of festive telly! So after being inside and glued to the box over Christmas you may want to test your knowledge of those classic Christmas movies. How many can you work out? Who’s the Christmas movie brainbox out of your family and friends?
These Christmas apps should bring you a little bit of amusement over the festive period and will make a great escape if you feel like getting away from family, friends and board games for an hour or two. Which ones will you try out?