Are you a link builder who’s stuck for contacts? We’ve put together an ultimate UK guest blogging list of domain authority 30-and-above websites. If you have your own website and content then go ahead  and get in touch to improve your ranking today!



  • If your website is related to infographic submission then would be a good place to start. It’s regularly updated with some of the juiciest infographics from around the web. Recent features include the ’10 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords Advertising’. Maybe your PPC manager would like to put it on their wall?


  • Looking for a baby site or baby blog related to baby clothing, toys and trends? is a relatively new and up-and-coming website that would make a great link building partner. It has plenty of highly relevant content that gets plenty of views.


  • If you’re in the web chat business or you blog about social media, then the web chat blog  would be a good place to submit a guest post.  There’s a host of smart, technically-based blog posts that the more technically minded will really love. We’re sure that the blog is only going to become more popular, so get in while you can!


  • Perhaps you want to build a blog about link building. Well, you might be better off linking to UK Link building exchange blog. It contains a solid set of tips for those who are new to optimising guest posts and links to increase rankings and traffic.

  • if you are looking for a medical / health related site, what is tumor is a great place to guest blog. Check their Breast Cancer Myths and Realities page for the type of articles they are looking for.


Put together a solid email asking for a guest post and you should be away. We have some tips on doing just  that in our other blog post, ‘How To Outreach Energy Websites.'