Imagine being about to Facebook, Tweet and Skype from your TV: commenting on favourite shows like Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey with your friends in real time, as they air. Why distract yourself with a second screen device (like your phone or a tablet) when you can do everything you want to do on your TV screen? 

This modest looking device has been described by testers as ‘surprisingly small’. It’s no bigger than a flash stick and can boast about being the world’s smallest Google TV Player. It weighs a tiny 150g and despite its modest appearance is one of the fastest Google TV players in the world.  


The device comes with a full web browser and 2GB of memory


How does it work with your TV? 

The device plugs into the USB port on your TV or if your TV doesn’t have a USB port then you can connect it via the cable and mains adapter. This also acts as the power supply. The dongle comes with a full web browser and 2GB of memory

The device can output video to TV via HDMI to a HDMI port. This is just one feature which makes it incredibly easy to use.  Reviews also describe the device as sturdy and well-built so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. 

There is another USB port for the keyboard/mouse connection. You can also connect a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse and keyboard to the device, although these have to be purchased separately and you can do so through the Visopix website. Try out the Android TV dongle and post your review over on the Visopix website. 

Visopix have created a line of products which make the Smart TV experience comfortable. This truly is the next generation of Smart TV products, created with ease of use in mind. Other products in the Visopix line also include a mini touchpad keyboard and a wireless optical mouse. Dongles and the like have been around for a while but now the level of competition means that the newest gadgets are become smarter.