I'm sure everyone at some point in time has been thrust into an environment where one is left completely ignorant and feels utterly helpless. In this case, I'm guessing you are reading this article because you are left in the state we just described in the realm of blogger outreach. So what the heck is blogger outreach? Defining it in its most purest form, it's simply a way to connect with people related to your interests. Let's take a hypothetical example (starting to sound like a word problem...).

Let's say you are an entrepreneur and you are trying to start a business selling clothes. You are intelligent enough to handle your finances and gather employees to work for you and now you are at the stage where you are ready to begin actually selling your product. But wait, who are you going to sell it to? And how are people going to know about or care about you? In our current market place, what determines your success is mainly, who do you know. Blogger outreach is a technique to create a contacts list where you can easily promote your product or pitch a sale. The internet is now the market place and bloggers are the word of mouth. They are constantly looking for material to write about and although there are specific categories bloggers choose to blog about, you can always find someone in your realm of interest. 

Now that you have your feet wet about outreaching, you may be thinking to yourself, "So how do I go about doing all of this? This seems kind of time consuming." Well guess what, you are absolutely right. It is an extremely time consuming task and for further help refer to this article for simple tips and this article for using simple tools to outreach.