There is a plethora of outreach tools that can be used to fill the void of countless hours of link building and related tasks. With that being said, there are certain tools that can be utilized to save time when dealing with this timely task. For your convenience, we will list a few tools and provide a quick description of their useful functionalities.


1) Twitter

- Yes, that little birdie at the top doesn't just sit there and look cute, it actually has a purpose. What purpose is that? It's quick, it's small, it's simple. Twitter doesn't contain all the other junk you have to deal with when you need to create quick pathways to potential contacts. The only downside is, you have to know who you're contacting beforehand. Meaning, this isn't the most efficient tool when trying to outreach. However, in the realm of creating a contact, Twitter wins by a landslide. All you have to do is "tweet" whomever it is and voila, you're good to go. Let's just hope whatever you tweeted them won't scare them off.



2) Google Blog Search

- Seriously, what does Google not have nowadays? It seems these guys have narrowed down the search engine experience to the most peculiar subject you can think of. Anyways, the title basically explains itself. Google has now made it that much simpler to browse through bloggers and narrow down your interest to your specific keywords. If you haven't heard of this, we don't blame you, but go check it out now that you have.



3) Outreachr

- Did you really think we would leave this one out? This is by far the "best" one. *wink*. Seriously though, use Outreachr! Why? Simple, because it's organized and it "looks" easy to use. If we were to take a survey and ask people what gives them the most incentive to stay on a website or to use a web tool, it would most likely be, "How simple does it look?". Most people are attracted to simple things, they have their own agendas to worry about, why worry about anything more? Outreachr is just that, simple. It's attractive and at the same time, it really is that easy to use. All you have to do is sign up (FOR FREE), get a campaign started (FOR FREE), and obtain your results (oh, did we mention that this is all FOR FREE?). So what are you waiting for?! Sign up!