Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your data in one place? Whilst the various social media platforms obviously have their way of letting us know our figures, a more easily digestible analysis is often desired. SumAll provides a simple solution to this problem that is experienced by a number of online marketers. 
So what is SumAll?
SumAll is a free online software that links to pretty much all your social platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, Google Analytics to name just five and there are 29 in total at your disposable. Once connected to the social media platforms of your choosing, you can then analyse and inspect the most important aspects of your data and combine these into one nifty interactive chart (like this one shown below).
Why is it different?
SumAll is different to other social media analytics software, like Google Analytics or Twitter Analytics, as it allows you to compare your Twitter to your Facebook and so and so forth. This allows you to better understand your users and which platform is really benefiting your business. Additionally, it's not a problem if you have multiple Facebook pages as you can track as many Facebook pages as you like. 
Drawing in data from everywhere can be confusing – SumAll keeps it in all in one tidy place. Rather than switching from your Facebook Reporting to your Analytics, you have core information right there and then.
Daily emails give you a summary of all of your social media platforms; this means you can always stay on top of your data without having to check your data every simple day. The produced reports are well presented and easy to understand, allowing you to quickly and easily find the data you are looking for, an example of one of these daily emails are shown below.
Where can I get this software?
Simply create your free SumAll account; it’s the usual email verification malarkey. Then when you first log in to your account you are asked to link to as many profiles as you wish. With 29 platforms available, there is no minimum or maximum – you tailor your social media findings to your business. You can always add more at a later date. 
Using this software may seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of the basics you will be able to view data from all of the social networking sites you linked to your account with ease.
How useful is the software in analysing data?
Whilst collating data across platforms has its uses, sometimes you need just an in-depth view of one. You’re not going to get a vast amount of stats (SumAll focuses on the most important elements over a wide breadth of platforms, rather than a more comprehensive about one), but you do have the options of looking at the individual stats from just one platform. 
With around 30 platforms, like we mentioned, you aren’t going to get a lot of complexity, but they’re looking into developing the tool further still and it’s always handy to get an overview of all your social media. 
When it comes to viewing the data you can download it to Excel or as a PNG, as well as the handy little daily update emails that get sent automatically.
Can I use it for my business?
This tool is perfect for small to medium sized businesses – your data from all your platforms is all in one place making it simple to compare and contrast – allowing you to produce more comprehensive and relevant reports.
Ultimately, SumAll is an excellent marketing tool that allows you to compare data from across up to 29 different social platforms in order to gain a better idea of how you are performing on each site. By being able to compare data across platforms you can identify the platforms you are most prominent on and formulate more detailed strategies around this. Using the software is easy once you learn the basics and data is easily viewable in graphs online or in Excel, as well as the useful daily updates which detail how you are performing on each platform. It is a vital tool to use for any business of any size to help formulate a more appropriate social media strategy by being able to compare performance across platforms.
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